V is for Vacations

With summer approaching, many people are probably thinking about vacation.  I’m no different, though with limited funds and other plans this summer (namely my internship), any vacation I take this summer will be short and nearby.

I often wish that I were independently wealthy,  so that I could just take off to a number of vacation destinations.  Here are a few stops on my vacation bucket list…

Great Britain:  For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to go to England.  When I was younger and discovered “BritComs” on PBS, I wanted to go just to watch TV (weird, I know!).  But now that I am older I want to go for so many more reasons.  This is a country rich with history and beautiful sites to see.  I’m just not sure how I would do driving on the wrong side of the road…

Germany:  This is where my dad’s side of the family comes from.  And I’m fascinated with German history, especially during the world wars.  I don’t speak German though,  so I’d probably want to do this as a guided group tour.

Yellowstone National Park:  I have been there once, but only for a couple days, so I didn’t get to see everything.  I did see the geysers and Old Faithful, but I know there is much more to see.  I really want to go back and maybe stay for a week to take in all the sites in and around the park.

New York  City on New Year’s Eve:  So I’ve seen it on TV every year and it just looks like great fun to me.  I’d love to visit NYC anytime, but there is something about it in winter and New Years that seems magical (but maybe I just watch too many holiday movies set in the Big Apple).

There are plenty of other places I’d like to take a vacation, but there are places that stick with me and I dream about visiting someday, hopefully sooner than later.


One response to “V is for Vacations

  1. I used to live in NYC. Went to Times Square once. It was crazy. Go with a large group.

    Nice bumping into you 🙂

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