W is for Wyoming

Wyoming… What can I say about Wyoming?  Some might consider it the middle

Me at a Wyoming rest area on I-80

of nowhere, and I can see why, but my drives through this state have been interesting.

I drove through the state on I-80 quite a bit when I was driving truck.  It was in Wyoming that I saw antelope and prairie dogs for the first time, which I thought was pretty cool.    There is also an interesting rest area on I-80 in Wyoming.  What makes it unique is a large bust of Abraham Lincoln.  The first time I saw this bust was on a foggy morning as I was driving truck.  Visability was very poor, but high up in the distance was Abe Lincoln’s head!  I was puzzled as to why a sculpture of our 16th president would be in the middle of Wyoming.  I found out that this section of I-80 is part of the Lincoln Highway, which stretches from New York to California.

Bust of Abe Lincoln at Wyoming rest area on I-80

And more recently I received a speed warning ticket from the Wyoming State Patrol as I was driving home from a trip to Yellowstone.  I was doing six miles over the posted speed limit, which I will admit I do regularly when I drive on the highways at home.  So I was surprised by it, because it was only 6 miles over and people were passing me.  Maybe it was the red rental I was driving that caught the po-po’s eye!


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