Finishing Spring

The end of spring term at Wright State  is fast approaching.  For some lucky students it may already be over, but I still have to get through finals week next week.

This has been an enjoyable term.  I’ve learned so much in my archival technologies class.  We have had the opportunity to experience a little bit of everything that we might be asked to use as an archivist; from building a website using Dreamweaver to writing blogs.

I think my favorite part was creating the encoded archival description (EAD)  for the Paul Webb Collection.  I worked with another student, Kasey Eichensehr, during winter quarter to process Dr Paul Webb’s research papers, notes and charts dealing with human calorimetry.  Putting our finding aid into a digital form that people will be able to search was a great skill to learn.  It was also rewarding to see this collection that we worked to hard to organize through to this final step.

I went to Detroit, MI, on a field study trip.  There we visited the Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village and the Motown Museum.  Not only was this a fun learning experience, but a fun social experience, as well.   It was a chance to get to know a few fellow public history students outside of class.  I think we are a pretty fun bunch!

I’m taking a history of architecture class, as well.  I’ll admit I signed up for it not so much because I like architecture, but because I needed the credits and it fit into my schedule.  However, I’ve really enjoyed the class.  I’ve learned a great deal and now I look at buildings in a new way.  It has truly increased my level of appreciation for historic buildings.

Now, on to summer and the start of my internship at Wright State’s Special Collection & Archives.  Wish me luck!





2 responses to “Finishing Spring

  1. This has been an enjoyable quarter for me also! I really liked the archive technology class. We learned so much valuable information. I’m glad you had a good time on the field study trip in Detroit. It sounded really interesting! This fall I will be taking that class. I think we are going to Louisville.

    Good luck with your internship this summer. I’ll also be starting my internship this summer at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.

  2. You’ve had a busy quarter!! I’m glad I had a couple of those awesome classes with you. 🙂 I’m with you on the EADs – I was so glad I was able to carry that project through to the end. I love the fact that anyone can see our work, too – I included the link to it on my resume cover letter. It’s great visual evidence of our work.

    That’s awesome that you’re getting ready to start your internship. I hope you really enjoy it and learn a lot from it. I’m still working on one for the fall – I’m trying to spend as much time with my 12 year old as possible this summer. He won’t want to spend summers with his mom for much longer!

    Have a great summer Beth!!

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