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Relay for Life

This is my shameless plug for donations to the American Cancer Society.  It’s a great cause that has special meaning to me.

For the past few years, I have been participating in Relay for Life.  This is the American Cancer Society’s biggest fund-raising event.   Relay takes place in many communities throughout the year.  I walk in the Kettering Relay at Delco Park.  This year it takes place on the weekend of May 14-15.  The goal is to get a team together and have at least one member of your team walking at all times, day and night.  I walk on my friend Paula’s team.  We call ourselves The Lifesavers (like the candy).

Relay for Life holds special meaning for me because I lost my dad and grandma to cancer.   I have an uncle and a friend who are currently fighting the good fight against it.

If you think you would like to donate or just read more about Relay for Life, please check out this link:  Relay for Life Kettering

If you can’t donate or don’t trust the link I have provided, please consider researching this event on your own and perhaps donate money at a later date to the American Cancer Society or other similar charity.  And consider  participating in a Relay for Life event yourself.  It is a very worthwhile cause.