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B is for Basketball

Do I follow basketball, college or otherwise? No. Did I somehow get roped into an NCAA tournament pool at work this year? Yes.

A few weeks ago, as the tournament began, I remember a clip I heard on the radio from Jimmy Fallon’s late night show about how men and women make their picks for this tourney. He joked that while men look at the statistics and the players to make their picks, women go by the cutest team mascots. This woman didn’t even put that much thought into it! While I truly don’t pay attention to college sports, when playoff time comes around be it basketball, football or whatever you’re bound to hear about it. Whether it’s on the news, in the paper, or the Internet, there is just no escaping it if you keep up with current events. So I know there are certain colleges that always seem to appear in this basketball tournament and traditionally do well in it. So that is how I made my picks. I chose team names I recognized from the past. I went with the University of Connecticut (UCONN) to win it all.

I’ve been told that most of the folks in my office pool went with Kansas to win the tournament. When they got knocked out by the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) my odds of winning the office pool shot up. (FYI – The NCAA bracket online only uses VCU. I had to look that up to figure out what school that is. That is out little I know about this tournament!) So now I have fellow employees, some of who I don’t even know, jokingly coming up to me and asking me for loans, if I’m taking them out to lunch with my winnings, etc. It just makes me laugh because I only got into the pool for fun, and I wasn’t doing too well early on with my picks. But now I’m the talk of my department!

UCONN plays the University of Kentucky (UK) tonight. VCU and Butler make up the other half of the Final Four. Needless to say, I may pay a little more attention to this tournament as it comes to a close. And I’ll be rooting for UCONN. Go Huskies!!!