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T is for Tabitha


Tabitha, wondering when I'm going to clean up my room

Tabitha is my middle cat, and the alpha female among my 3 cats.  She is the only cat I’ve ever purchased from a pet store.  I wanted a cat and fell in love with her when we stopped in a mall pet store to look at the animals.

She’s a bossy cat.  She comes up and sticks her face in my face in the middle of the night if she wants something, be it food or to get under the covers with me.  Those long whiskers of hers do the trick of waking me up!  And when I do get up to feed her, she meows a lot.  I’m not sure what she’s trying to tell me, but the tone definitely sounds bossy to my ears.

I’m not sure how or why, but Tabitha is the only cat I’ve had that didn’t get fat after she was fixed.  She is in good health and I’m sure she gets more than her fair share of food, being the top cat in the house.  I suppose, like people, cat metabolisms can vary due to genetics.  Because of this, I’ve nicknamed her Slim.

Tabitha sort of does her own thing.  She likes to sit in my lap if it isn’t already occupied by Azrael.  Sometimes, she randomly starts fights with Azrael.  I’m not sure why.  They are usually best buddies.  In fact, Tabitha was very motherly to Azrael when I brought her home as a kitten.  I suppose it is just a way of asserting her dominance, though I don’t notice her doing it to Chloe.  Or maybe she gets jealous.  Who knows????  Despite her demanding nature, Tabitha is a sweetie and I’m glad I have her.


C is for Chloe

My cat, Chloe

C is for my cat Chloe. She is the oldest, and probably meanest, of my cats.

I got Chloe while I was working at the West Carrollton Library.  The library was (and still is) housed in the civic center with government offices, including the West Carrollton police.  Every week, animal control would stop by the police station. On those days, one of the building’s custodial workers,  Libby,  would go around telling everybody in the building what poor creatures the animal control office had that day.  Her goal was to find these animals homes before they were carted off to the pound.

One day, Libby came into the library and told us about a little female kitten that a DP&L worker had found by a power line pole.  He must have called animal control to pick up the kitten.  She was just a few weeks old, and while I don’t remember the sob story I’m sure Libby gave, I remember it didn’t take much to get me interested in this kitten.  First, it was a little kitten!  What’s cuter than a little kitten?  And second, I’m sort of partial to black and white cats, because my first cat was a black and white.  So I agreed to take her, unbenownst to my parents, who I was still living with at the time.

Originally I was going to name her Zoe, because I thought it sounded cute.  She was just so little when I got her, I thought she needed a cute little name.  But I wound up going with Chloe instead.

Chloe turned out to be a fearless and independent kitten.  My parents had two dogs when I brought Chloe home.  Chloe and the dogs became fast friends right away, which surprised me.  The dogs would let her chase them around the house and even gnaw on their legs while she was a kitten.  They even slept together.  Chloe was just another member of the pack, I guess.

Today, Chloe is the most independent of my three cats.  She has me trained so that I know what times of day to feed her.  On weekends when I sleep in past her breakfast time, she’ s usually in my face when I wake up to let me know that I’ve displeased her.  And she likes affection on her terms.  If she wants petted, she’ll stick her head under my hand, but I have to watch her body language, or else she’ll nip me.  She’s just a very odd cat.  I blame it on the dogs!



A is for Azrael

My cat, Azrael

A is for Arzael, my youngest cat.  And no, I didn’t name her after Gargamel’s cat (from The Smurfs cartoon).  That didn’t even cross my mind when I named her.  How I chose her name is a little creepier than that.  I found the name Azrael in a book about angels.  Azrael is an angel of death in several religious traditions, including Islam.  Why would I want to name a cute little cat after an angel of death you may ask?  I don’t know.  I guess that’s just how I roll.

Azrael is my best buddy.  She must know the sound of my car, because she is always waiting for me at the door when I come home from work.  If I come home and have to leave right away, she is usually at the door crying for me not to go.  And when I am at home sitting on the couch, watching TV or reading, you can usually find Miss Azzy in my lap.  She is definitely a lap-cat!  I can’t even work on my computer at home without her on my lap or trying to get on my lap.

Azrael is a bit of a picky eater, which is hard to believe by looking at her.  Some might call her fat, but I like to think she is just solidly built.  There are only a few kinds of treats she will eat, which I think is weird.  I’ve never had a cat that has turned down treats like she does.

Of my three cats, Azrael is probably at the bottom of the pecking order, but I think she is my favorite.  When I’m feeling low, she does something silly to bring a smile to my face.  When I’m cold, she snuggles up with me.  If a person can have an animal soul mate, then I think Azrael may be mine.