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D is for Donations

Donation, n. The action or faculty of giving or presenting; presentation, bestowal; grant [from the online Oxford English Dictionary]

I pondered awhile about what to write for the letter D.  I guess I’ve pondered too long because this should have been posted yesterday!  I finally thought a look at donations and how I have been involoved with them as of late might be appropriate.

Recently I have been on committees at work that soliciate monetary donations.  The first committe I was on was for Wright State’s United Way Campaign.  A good cause, or so I thought.  I was told that I only had to pass out the literature and pledge forms to the people in my department.  Sounded easy enough to me.  Well, I had no idea how many people don’t like the United Way.  Some people simply didn’t have the money to donate, while others felt they didn’t have enough control over where their contributions would go.  And still others thought the organization keeps too much of the money to cover their own operating costs.  One person made me feel so bad about asking him to donate that I almost cried.  I didn’t think I cared that much, but it hurt to hear his rant and that he wasn’t going to give.  This from somebody who is employed (unlike a lot of people these days) and makes good money.

Now I am serving on a committee for WSU’s Campus Scholarship & Innovation Campaign (CSIC).  I’ve just handed out the literature and pledge forms.  I’m hoping staff are more open to contributing to something they have more of a vested interest in, but I don’t know…

I do feel like donating, be it money, time, or material goods is very important,  especially in the current economic climate.  I personally don’t do it for the tax write-off, and I don’t really get an immediate sense of happiness for myself.  It’s just how I was raised, I suppose.  I put my loose change in those red Salvation Army kettles at Christmas-time.  Currently I’m saving pennies and pop pull-tabs for a Ronald McDonald House charity drive on campus (my office gets a pizza party out of it if we collect the most money, so I do have ulterior motive for donating there)   I donated to the United Way and I’ve already made my donation to CSIC.  I guess I just know these donations will go to help people better themselves, and I would hope that the people who benefit from these charities will pass that good will along and help somebody in need once their circumstances allow it.  I suppose I feel like I’m building up good karma,  too.  Maybe that’s my motivation for giving.  I hope that if I ever fall on tough times, somebody or some organization will have the resources to give me a helping hand.