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F is for Facebook

A couple of years ago, when I was a loyal Myspace user, I didn’t feel the need to have a Facebook account.  The site was geared towards a younger age group and all of my local friends were on Myspace.  However,  I broke down and signed up for Facebook when an Australian guy I had become virtual friends with on the Yahoo! Q&A forum announced that he had signed up for Facebook and that that would be the best way to stay connected with him.  Since then my Myspace account has become a thing of the past.  I’m not sure why I don’t just delete it.

When I signed up for Facebook, I reconnected with so many people from my past, especially people I went to high school with.  People who I thought would never remember me from school “friended” me, and now comment on things I post all the time.  It’s almost surreal, given the fact that I was the quiet kid who was just there, minding my own business and staying off of the popularity radar.

I know not everybody is into social networking and I understand that.  You certainly don’t what the wrong people getting personal information that might be used for fraudulent purposes.  However, it is an effective way to distribute information, be it personal or business.  And for me, Facebook is a great way to share just a little bit of my life with friends and family who I don’t get to see on a regular basis.