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O is for Over-the-Road

O is for over-the-road truck driving, which a used to do.  Being an over-the-road (OTR) or long-haul driver means you drive long distances to make your deliveries.  Driving OTR was a wonderful experience for me.  The money was good, and I saw most of the country with somebody else footing the bill.

Earning my commercial drivers license (CDL) so that I could drive a big truck gave me a great sense of accomplishment.  The driving test was tough.  Not only do you have to know how to drive the tractor/trailer combo forward, you have to be able to back it up and parallel park.  During my time in training, I realized that not everybody is cut out to drive a big rig.

As I get closer to finishing my public history degree, I have some of the same feelings I had while learning to drive truck.  Is this going to work out for me???  There is some trepidation – how I am going to fit in my internship being that I work full-time and can’t just quit my job; will I find a job in the field after I graduate?  But there is also that feeling of accomplishment, that I’ve done something that not everybody to cut out to do.  I’ve come so far and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is a good feeling.