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R is for Rocky Mountain National Park

Two summers ago I took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and Yellowstone with a friend.  It was an amazing trip!  I absolutely love the Rocky Mountains!  There is something about them that puts me in awe more than other spectacles of nature.  I image it is their shear size.
I didn’t know about Rocky Mountain National Park until this trip, but now I am eager to go back.  The park is in Estes Park, CO.  There are plenty of beautiful trails for hiking, places to camp, and lots of wildlife to see.
You aren’t suppose to feed the wildlife, but visitors do it anyway.  One of the images that has stuck with me is of a portly chipmunk trying his best to get a hiker to toss him some granola.  My first thought was that wildlife isn’t suppose to be overweight!  In addition to seeing squirrels, birds and chipmunks, we also saw a lot of elk and some longhorn sheep.  I was told that seeing longhorn sheep is rare, so that was a special treat.

Chipmunk eating at Rocky Mt Nat'l Park

I would highly recommend Rocky Mountain National Park to anybody who wants to see and walk through this majestic mountain range.  We went in late summer.  The weather was nice and all I needed was a light jacket in the higher elevations.  This is one of the places I really want to get back to soon.

Elk at Rocky Mt Nat'l Park

Longhorn Sheep - Rocky Mt Nat'l Park