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Y is for Yellowstone National Park

I’ve only been to Yellowstone National Park once, but I loved it.  I didn’t get to see the entire park, so I really want to go back.

Yellowstone sits is the states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.  Located on a caldera, the park is full of beautiful hot springs and geysers, with Old Faithful being the most famous of the geysers.

Castle Geyser

I don’t think I had ever seen a hot spring before this trip and I know I had never seen a geyser,  so to see so many in one location, and how vastly different they look, was amazing.

Some of the hot spring were so blue and clear and very inviting, while other features, like Bacteria Mat were not so pretty.  It was really something special to see how active the earth is and how potentially dangerous, too.

One of the many clear blue hot spings in the geyser basins

I know there is a lot more of Yellowstone that I didn’t have time to see during my first trip.  I hope sometime soon to get back there and see it all. I’ve been dropping hints that it would make a great graduation gift!

Bacteria Mat

Old Faithful


Q is for Quiet

Peace and quiet is a beautiful thing sometimes.  It is nice on a sunny, warm spring day to find a quiet spot in a park or outside at home to relax, unwind, and enjoy not having to think of anything.  To sit silently and watch a squirrel bury a nut that he may never find again or to listen to the birds chirping in the trees is a wonderful change from the hustle and bustle and stress of work and school.

I will be so glad when spring is here to stay and warm days are the norm.  Then I can spend time outside, unwind and de-stress in the peace and quiet of nature.