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J is for Jackson, OH

Jackson, Ohio is a town in southeastern Ohio.  This is where my mom’s side of my family is from.

As a child, my brother and I would go to Jackson with our grandparents every summer.  They would take their camper, set it up on family-owned property back in the sticks.  We’d spend a week visiting with relatives and preparing for a big weekend family reunion that took place at the shelter house built by my grandpa and his many brothers.

I am always surprised when I hear somebody mention that they know about Jackson.  The town is small and rural, after all.  The people who know of it either have family from the area or are hunters.  Jackson is a popular spot during deer season.  The men in my family who hunt still go out to cabins in the Jackson area in late Fall to hunt.

I don’t go back to Jackson much anymore.  As our family tree has branched out farther and the older generations have passed away,  the well-organized, yearly family reunions of the past are now few and far between.  It is sort of sad and as I write this, I feel like I should go back sometime soon;  see some of my cousins, snap some photos, and enjoy a town where life seems a little less hectic than the big-city life of Dayton.  I know how I percieve Jackson is probably a lot different from the folks who life there, but those are my memories – fun, relaxing times in a place where urban sprawl hasn’t overtaken natural (at least not yet).