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T is for Tabitha


Tabitha, wondering when I'm going to clean up my room

Tabitha is my middle cat, and the alpha female among my 3 cats.  She is the only cat I’ve ever purchased from a pet store.  I wanted a cat and fell in love with her when we stopped in a mall pet store to look at the animals.

She’s a bossy cat.  She comes up and sticks her face in my face in the middle of the night if she wants something, be it food or to get under the covers with me.  Those long whiskers of hers do the trick of waking me up!  And when I do get up to feed her, she meows a lot.  I’m not sure what she’s trying to tell me, but the tone definitely sounds bossy to my ears.

I’m not sure how or why, but Tabitha is the only cat I’ve had that didn’t get fat after she was fixed.  She is in good health and I’m sure she gets more than her fair share of food, being the top cat in the house.  I suppose, like people, cat metabolisms can vary due to genetics.  Because of this, I’ve nicknamed her Slim.

Tabitha sort of does her own thing.  She likes to sit in my lap if it isn’t already occupied by Azrael.  Sometimes, she randomly starts fights with Azrael.  I’m not sure why.  They are usually best buddies.  In fact, Tabitha was very motherly to Azrael when I brought her home as a kitten.  I suppose it is just a way of asserting her dominance, though I don’t notice her doing it to Chloe.  Or maybe she gets jealous.  Who knows????  Despite her demanding nature, Tabitha is a sweetie and I’m glad I have her.