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G is for Gardens

It really felt like Spring today!  I hope this warming trend continues.  And with this nice weather comes gardening.  While I’m terrible at keeping flowering indoor plants, the plants and seeds that I grow outside generally do well.  I’m sure that is more thanks to Mother Nature than my green thumb, though.

The next few weekends will probably be spent cleaning up the yard and getting the flower beds prepared for marigolds and various coleus plants.  I usually get these already started from a garden store.  I’m hoping to have success again this year with sunflowers.  We grew them last year from seeds and they turned out very well.  I love the way sunflowers look, their height and observing the small birds and bees that migrate to them.

I have missed the wonderful colors that gardens provide.  I’m ready to step out of the dullness of winter and into the warmth and color of Spring!


Thinking Spring (and Homework) at WSU

According to the calendar it is Spring. Mother Nature doesn’t seem to know this or doesn’t seem to care, as it has been unseasonably chilly and we’ve even had a little snow fall this week. But it is most certainly spring on the campus of Wright State University. The parking lots are packed, the geese are back, and week 1 of spring quarter is coming to a close.

I’m always rip-rarin’ to go at the start of the quarter, but lose steam as the weeks go by. I hope this is not the case this quarter. While I always seem to get it together by the end and get a good grade, the stress feels awful! I’ve heard other students say they do the same thing; they work well under pressure, so maybe I’m not a bad student. But I’d like to try staying ahead of my assignments and work with less stress this term. I’ll bet that feels pretty good!

I’m on track with my archival technology class homework. I’ve assessed the Sidney Peerless Photo Collection and chosen my photos for a metadata assignment.

I’m trying to choose a paper topic for my history of American architecture class. I thought I wanted to do something with farmhouses, since I grew up in an old farmhouse. Then I found some books on slave and African-American architecture that are very interesting to me. And to complicate things more, in class we talked very briefly about how the rise of the automobile changed the landscape and influenced architecture. I love road trips and discovering old tourist traps, mom & pop joints, and such. Now I’m wondering if I can find an angle and write a paper on that. Oh, decisions, decisions…