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N is for New Mexico

I’ve been at a loss as to what to write about for the letter N in this A-Z Blog Challenge.  Then it hit me that I could write a little bit about New Mexico.  I’ve never really vacationed there, but I drove through the state quite a bit when I was an over-the-road truck driver.

I remember the drives on I-40 through New Mexico as being very peace and uneventful, which is a good thing when you’re driving a big, heavy truck.  There was little traffic, except for Albuquerque.

One of our fuel stops was in a city called Tucumcari  (pronounced TOO-kum-kair-ee).  I always thought that was a fun word to say and one of the stories about how the city got its name is sort of bittersweet.  I saw it on a postcard I found at the truck stop there:

The two finest warriors of an Apache tribe that made their home at the mountain met in combat to determine who would succeed their dying Chief Wautonomah. The survivor would also win the hand of the chief’s daughter, Kari. Tocom, the brave loved by Kari, was slain by Tonopah in the battle. Overcome with grief and rage, Kari seized her knife, killed Tonopah and took her own life. Heartbroken at this tragic turn of events, the old chief stabbed himself, crying out as he died, “Tocom-Kari, Tocom-Kari.” This story is what became known as “The Legend of Tucumcari.

My first time stopping in New Mexico