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U is for Umbrella

I thought umbrella a fitting word for the letter U, given all of the rain we have been getting this month.  If April showers really do bring May flowers, then even the worst gardeners among us should have flowerbeds overflowing next month!

As we slosh onward to a record April rainfall in Dayton, my umbrella has been a constant companion.  I used to favor a smaller umbrella.  It fit easily into my bag.  But high winds that tended to turn my umbrella inside out forced me to reconsider my wet weather needs.  So now I carry a larger umbrella, sometimes referred to as a stadium umbrella (though I know I’d never want to be sitting behind somebody at a ballgame who had one of these things open.  How would you see anything?)

Sometimes this umbrella is awkward to carry around and store, especially during a class, but I love it when it is raining.  It is very sturdy, so no more problems with the wind turning it inside out (though a big gust of wind almost took it out of my hands a few days ago).  It is nice and wide so it covers me, my book bag and probably half a dozen people if they wanted to get under it with me.  Okay that last bit may be a stretch, but there really is a lot of room under this umbrella!

As cool as I apparently think my big umbrella is, I will be happy to put it away and enjoy some warm, sunny, DRY days.