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Z is for Zero

Finally, I’m at Z (better late than never, considering it is May and this blog is part of the A-Z Blog Challenge)!  Since I don’t know about any interesting people (okay, I do, but they might not appreciate appearing in my blog), places or things that begin with the letter Z, I thought I’d finish finish the alphabet with some randomness about zero.

Zero is a number = 0.  It precedes the number 1.  It is neither positive nor negative.  It can be used as a place holder in other numbers and weights.  Without zero, 101, would 11.

The Zero was a plane used by the Japanese in World War II.

The word zero is  in several song titles:

  • Saved by Zero, The Fixx
  • Less Than Zero, Elvis Costello
  • Zero, Smashing Pumpkins
  • Love Minus Zero /No Limit,  Bob Dylan

Zero hour refers to midnight (00:00)

Coke Zero is a new low-calorie soda put out by Coca~Cola.  The target audience for the drink is men.  Men apparently associate diet drinks with women, so this new campaign doesn’t use the word diet.  I personally think Coke Zero is better tasting than Diet Coke.

Z~end 🙂